Bible Study

Rooted in Christ meets at 7:30pm on a Tuesday evening for food, Bible study, and prayer. Each year we will go though various books of the Bible and put on evangelistic events/courses.

All are welcome to join us. If you would like to know what our meetings are like it is probably best to come along and experience for yourself!

We are currently looking at a short series of talks on how the Bible speaks into the big issues of today.

What students say:

“Being a part of Rooted in Christ has been such an encouragement during my time at university. Meeting regularly with other students to discuss and be challenged by God’s Word has really strengthened my faith and equipped me to stand firm for Christ at university and beyond.

I have seen such great personal spiritual growth during my time at university, and have come to know and love God and his Word more and more. I would highly recommend Rooted in Christ to anyone coming to university, no matter where you’re currently at in your faith!”

Callum Whitehall – Mechanical Engineering Graduate