Book Groups

bookgroupmikeRooted in Christ meets in small groups throughout the week to read and discuss Christian books. We believe that reading the Bible alongside good Christian books is a sure way to grow as a disciple of Christ. During term time we meet each week over tea and coffee or a meal to catch up, discuss a chapter of a book, and pray together.

Last term we read “Enjoying God” by Tim Chester

We believe in God, we serve God, we love God – but do we ENJOY God as much as we can? Does our head knowledge translate into affection of the heart? Do we have a meaningful relationship with someone we can’t see? Do we feel excited about God everyday, in every context?

Tim Chester shows us how to relate to each of the three persons of the Trinity, and what this look like in practice. Readers will discover that as we engage more with God, and understand how awesome he is, we can enjoy him more.

What Students Say:

“Going through Respectable Sins in book group has been really helpful for me; it has helped me to realise the seriousness of my sin, and also pointed out areas in my life where I didn’t realise my actions were sinful. Being able to go through this book as a group has also been really encouraging. Although we may struggle in different areas,  knowing we are all alike in our struggles has been a real comfort. Having a supportive group like this is brilliant.” 

Amy Royal – Music Graduate

Joining a Book Group:

There are lots of book groups meeting in different places, at different times, with different people, reading different things! If you want to join then fill then get in touch!