Book Groups

Book Groups

bookgroupmikeRooted in Christ meets in small groups throughout the week to read and discuss Christian books. We believe that reading the Bible alongside good Christian books is a sure way to grow as a disciple of Christ. During term time we meet each week over tea and coffee or a meal to catch up, discuss a chapter of a book, and pray together.

Last term we read four books from the Union book series.

We will be starting the book groups back up September

Fearless Faith, Intentional, Journey back to Joy and Unbreakbable, though small, each provides a insight into a specific and crucial aspect of Christian life.

What Students Say:


“Looking back over my time at University I can say with certainty that meeting with other Christians for Book Groups was vital in encouraging me to live for Christ and deepening my faith in Him.”

Veronica Marlette – English Literature Graduate

Joining a Book Group:

There are lots of book groups meeting in different places, at different times, with different people, reading different things! If you want to join then fill then get in touch!