The Sunday Meeting

Rooted in Christ meets during term time after the evening service to chat, pray, and plan for the upcoming week. Tea and coffee is served, as well as homemade cakes provided by our church family.

“A big way that God has used Rooted in Christ for my growth is through exposure to His Word through faithful Bible teaching. As we have looked at different books of the Bible in Rooted in Christ, God has caused me to pay close attention to how it should be applied to, and lived out in, the life of a Christian. Now, rather than just receiving God’s Word, with His help, I seek to live out my days in a way that responds to His Word so that He may glorified and honoured before all people.
Before Rooted in Christ I was content to say that by the grace of God I had been saved, but did not have a desire to live in light of my salvation. And now, through sitting under God’s Word, my love for Christ has increased, and the LORD has renewed my desire to live, not just as someone who has received His Word, but as someone who lives by it.”

Rachel Ghent – Social Work graduate