The Globe Café

The Globe Café

globe logoThe Globe Café is a place for students from all around the world to make friends with new people and to experience culture. It is free to attend and offers free annual day trips to Whitby, York, and many more places. Globe Students have the opportunity to meet with real British families, to taste real traditional British food, and experience real British culture with friends

Globe Students meet weekly to chat, relax, and have fun at the Evening Café. Where we have a variety of games and crafts. You can also enjoy home-made cakes and hot drinks.

Every few weeks we host the Evening Café with a twist. Such as playing Bingo, making pancakes, learning about American Thanksgiving and more…

Everyone is welcome to join us and there is no cost for attendance.

The Globe Café starts at 8pm every Thursday during term time in the St John’s Building.


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